How the European Union Does Evil

Triple Ignition has EU insiders facilitating the murder of Israelis. The real situation is vastly worse – one European Commission bureaucrat has caused the EU to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

This is from Bishop Hill.

In brief, on the instructions of the unelected European Commission, in 2009 the European Union mandated that 10% of the EU’s gasoline should come from biofuels, which are manufactured with foodstuffs, or on land that could grow foodstuffs. That was in the face of strong evidence that this policy would kill (by starvation) many human beings in developing countries – that has more recently been quantified at almost 200,000 deaths. Each year.

This was not new news in 2009 – in 2007, the UN’s special rapporteur on the right to food labeled biofuels a ‘crime against humanity’ and demanded a moratorium on their use.

And, even if you buy the warmist creed, this mass killing was all to no purpose, since it was known then, and even Friends of the Earth now admits, that biofuels don’t save emissions.

So how did this happen? Well, two researchers from the London School of Economics have now published a paper that unpicks the whole crime. And guess what?

Almost all interview participants pointed to an individual actor within the EC who had a strong influence on this policy decision but who stirred up a considerable degree of controversy with other actors in the policy network in the process….

…Some interviewees also indicated that the policy entrepreneur acted as an information gatekeeper, reducing the level of scientific controversy apparent to policy-makers by ensuring that only data which supported the desired end-point was able to influence the final decision-making process. The ability of the policy entrepreneur to command the scientific literature and argue for the benefits of the 10% target both within and outside the EC was identified as a critical factor.

If you’re interested in the detail, Bishop Hill has it at the link above.

The lesson is that unelected institutions such as the European Commission can easily be taken over by individuals, who can cause it to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

That puts the few deaths in Triple Ignition’s suicide bombing in the shade. And this has happened for real, to real people. Who are dying every year. For no purpose.

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